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Well prepared for elementary school!

Our preschool groups are for 2-4 year-old children to play and learn through playing. Our staff members follow the children’s development and help them to discover, develop and play together so that kids are prepared for elementary school.

Learning through play and early friendships

At preschool there is plenty of space to play as much as the kids want to. The children make their first friendships and learn to play together and be considerate of each other. With the help of a recognized method we cover an array of themes and do activities based on these themes. We play games, sing songs, read aloud, draw and play outside. The children learn new things through play. Rest assured that your child will be prepared for school after his or her preschool experience.

A morning at preschool

A morning at preschool follows a fixed schedule. Predictability and regularity help the children feel safe. When the children arrive there’s time to do a puzzle, color or read a book with papa or mama. When all the children have arrived and the parents have left, we start with a group activity, such as crafting. The activity is often theme-related, such as Fall, Halloween, Saint Nicholas or Christmas. After that it’s snack time. Then we do a circle-time game, gymnastics, music or another fun group activity. If the weather is nice, we go outside to play or take a walk. Preschool groups that are open until 13:30 share a group lunch and quiet activity afterwards.

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Praktische informatie

Preschool costs are listed here. Actual childcare costs are income-dependent. Our calculation tool helps you get an indication of your net childcare costs.

The opening times of preschools vary per location. Most preschools are open in the morning. For exact times, please check your location’s webpage.

You can read about our vision in our educational policy. It provides a framework for the way we deliver our services. In this policy we have established our principles and primary objectives that form the base of how we care for children at our locations. You can read about what this looks like in practice in your location’s educational plan.

Our preschool groups work with a number of special, approved educational methods such as Uk & Puk, Piramide, Peuterplein, Startblokken and Ik ben Bas. These methods focus on the following developmental areas: language skills, early math skills, and motor and socio-emotional skills. Check your location’s educational plan to see which method they use.

Many preschool groups also offer early educational childcare (‘VE’ in Dutch). If your child is at risk for a language or learning delay, your pediatric health clinic (‘consultatiebureau’ in Dutch) can give your child a referral. Children with referrals get extra attention for speaking, listening to and learning new words in Dutch. Click here (Dutch) to learn more about early education at our preschool groups.

If you have questions about preschool, please read our FAQ’s here (Dutch).

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