At Kind & Co we pay attention to children, care for them lovingly,
and provide the space to discover and grow. Fun is a priority.
With us, every child is free to be themselves.

Why choose Kind & Co?

Always a location nearby

With more than 350 locations in the provinces of Utrecht, Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland, there is always a location nearby. Click here to find a location in your neighborhood.

Grow and learn in a trusted environment

Kind & Co provides the opportunity to grow and learn in a fun and trusted environment where each child gets the space, attention and challenge that they need to become their best selves.


Friends, an array of challenging activities, and loving care from our staff: every day is a new opportunity for fun and growth.

Healthy Childcare

We want children to grow up healthy. That’s why we work with the program Healthy Childcare. Kids who learn healthy behavior at a young age benefit from it for the rest of their lives.

You are more than welcome take a look at our locations.
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