About Kind & Co

  1. Qualified staff

    Our teachers are supported by a senior teacher who coaches her colleagues daily. Our quality control employees offer further support from the head office. KMN staff members are engaged, customer-oriented, focused on development and prioritize cooperation. We offer continuing education for ongoing development.

  2. Partnering with parents, schools, neighborhoods and communities

    As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. We believe in the importance of raising children with respect for equality and differences.
    A number of different parties are involved in the education of a child. Most importantly, of course, the parents, but childcare staff, schoolteachers, sports instructors, and health care professionals play a role as well. Kind & Co works closely with these community partners. We are increasingly more involved with elementary schools at Integral Children Centers (IKC in Dutch). We’re interested in not only sharing a building, but in maintaining a close partnership. We also share buildings with sport clubs and maintain a relationship with the neighborhoods we work in by participating in local activities.

  3. Socially involved

    We are involved with the world around us and are committed to our community and society. It’s no coincidence that our organization is a non-profit foundation. The money we earn goes to our number one concern: children’s development. Our locations are actively involved in regional charities in a number of ways, such as visiting the elderly at nursing homes with decorated candles, a high tea, home-made cookies or a bouquet of flowers. We make music together and read stories. We raise funds for charities such as the Heppie Foundation, Make a Wish, Serious Request, The National Foundation for the Elderly and Kika. We collect bottles for cash, sponsor charity runs, sell cookies and art; anything is possible.

We have been providing childcare for over 50 years. It all started with a preschool in Maarssen in the mid-1970s, and now we have around 300 locations, mostly in and surrounding the province of Utrecht.

We provide every type of childcare for children in the ages of 6 weeks to 13 years old: daycare, after school care, before school care, preschool, in-home daycare, lunch break childcare and after school activities.

In the homely and professional environment of our locations, we stimulate children in their development.

Together with parents, schools, and others concerned we create a safe environment in which children can grow. Through creativity, personal attention and innovative thinking we give children the space to develop their talents and become their true selves.

In order to achieve this, we offer the children a stable and balanced foundation. We are a not-for-profit foundation who prides itself on its professionalism. Kind & Co is a unit: recognizable as one organization without losing the individuality of each location. In our annual review you can see what motivated us last year, and what we’re expecting next year. We value our employees enormously. You can read their stories, poems and antidotes on what makes their work so special, and what motivates them in the pamphlet “We zijn Kind & Co” (We are Kind & Co). Each location introduces themselves on our website. We invite you to stop by for a visit and get to know us!

Mission Statement

Together with parents, schools and others involved we create an educational climate and a safe atmosphere in which children can grow. Through creativity, personal attention and innovative thinking we offer the space for children to develop their talents. We are vibrant and authentic and represent connection and trust.

Our Mission Statement is interwoven in our organization. It is Kind & Co’s DNA, the foundation of how we work. It is dynamic and visible in our daily tasks, and is intended for children and their parents as well as our partners and stakeholders.

Our Mission Statement is formed by 4 core values: child- and parent-centered, development-oriented, Engagement and Cooperation. These values give our organization a strong sense of identity.
We don’t only focus on the present, but also on children’s future. Which explains our motto, “The future is on our minds.”

  1. Client satisfaction

    “We aim to be service-oriented for children, parents, and each other. We are glad to search for  creative solutions for unusual problems or questions. It is important to us that each of our locations puts a smile on everyone’s face.”

  2. Development

    “We pride ourselves on our professionalism. This means that we honor our commitments and continually strive for improvement. We enjoy the challenge of working on innovative concepts and stimulating children’s development every day.”

  3. Working together

    “For us, cooperation is an important aspect of nurturing and development. We work together based on equality, with respect for differences.”

  4. Engagement

    “We feel connected to the children, our organization and the partners with whom we work together. We believe in cooperation. Connection is our main priority, and it energizes us.”