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About Kind & Co

  1. Qualified pedagogical staff
  2. Partner for parent, school, neighbourhood and municipality
  3. Socially concerned

We have been providing childcare for 40 years. We’ve started with a preschool in Maarssen. Right now we’re an organisation with about 300 locations in the provinces of Utrecht and Noord Holland,

We provide every type of childcare for children aged from 6 weeks to 12 years old: day nurseries, out-of-school care, preschool, childminder care, inter-school care and after-school activities.

In the homely and professional environment of our locations, we stimulate children in their development.

Together with parents, schools, and others concerned we build a safe environment in which children can grow. Through creativity, attention and innovative thinking we allow the development of their talents. It is important to us that children can develop themselves in a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment.

We do this from a stable, balanced basis. We are a healthy organization (foundation) without profit. Professional, recognizable as one organization, but without losing sight of the individuality of each location. We form a unity, but remain ourselves. In our Annual Review (Dutch) you can see what has moved us in this year and what awaits us ‘tomorrow’.

Our employees are incredibly important. They were asked what makes their work so special? Why they think: ‘That’s what I do it for. That’s why I’m here at my place! “You can read all the anecdotes, stories or poems of the employees in the book We are Kind & Co (Dutch).

Our locations all present themselves on our website. We would like to invite you to visit us!

Mission Statement

Kind & Co is a non-profit organisation in the middle of the Netherlands. We offer every type of child day care and see ourselves as a pedagogical partner. Together with parents, schools, and other stakeholders we create a safe environment in which children can develop themselves. Through creativity, attention and innovative thinking we offer the opportunity to develop talents.

We are not only concerned with the now, but also with the future of the child. This explains our motto: “We think in tomorrow” Being concerned with ‘tomorrow’ means that we are continuously focused on: Development,  Working togetherEngagement and Client satisfaction.

  1. Client satisfaction

    “We aim to provide service to the child, the parent, and each other. We gladly search for a creative solution for extraordinary problems or questions. It is important for us that everyone visits our locations with a smile.”

  2. Development

    “We are engaged as a professional. This means that we honour our commitments and want to do better tomorrow than we did today.It is a challenge to work on innovative concepts and stimulate the development of the children daily.”

  3. Working together

    “For us, working together is an important aspect of nurturing and development. We work together based on equivalence, with respect for differences.”

  4. Engagement

    “We feel connected with the child, our organisation and the partners with whom we work together. We belief in working together and pose ourselves as a connector. This gives us energy.”