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A loving and warm environment

While you’re working, it’s nice to know that your child is being lovingly cared for by our staff. At our daycare centers, we give individual attention to children from 0-4 years old. The kids have all the space they need to discover and play in a warm environment.

A quest for learning

Learning through play begins at a very young age. Our daycare centers have a cozy, home-like atmosphere where children are free to discover. We have gated areas on the floor where babies can safely play and move around without being disturbed. We have an array of areas for the older children to play in with all kinds of materials. Each daycare center has its own outside play area. We observe the children’s development and offer age-appropriate activities. Each child has the space to discover and develop at his or her own pace.

A day at the daycare center

Our staff members are ready to welcome your child at 7:30. After you’ve told about any last-minute particulars, the staff member lovingly takes over the caregiving for the rest of the day. Regularity and predictability are very important for young children. We follow a fixed daily schedule so that children know when it’s time to play, eat, and sleep. Babies follow their own home schedule. The preschoolers nap or rest after lunch. We offer themed activities every morning and afternoon such as crafting or a game. Around 17:00 it’s time to see papa and mama again! Our staff members tell you how your child’s day was, and they also post photos and stories on the parents’ portal.

Would you like to come and take a look at one of our locations?
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Practical information

You can choose from a number of packages. The prices per package are listed here. Actual childcare costs are income-dependent. Our calculation tool helps you get an indication of your net childcare costs.

The standard opening hours for our daycare centers are 7:30 – 18:30. We are closed on all nationally recognized holidays. A number of locations have different hours of operation. Please check your location’s webpage to see which hours they are open.

You can read about our vision in our educational policy. It provides a framework for the way we deliver our services. In this policy we have established our principles and primary objectives that form the base of how we care for children at our locations. You can read about what this looks like in practice in your location’s educational plan.

At our daycare centers we work with the Uk & Puk method that uses activities to stimulate the development of speech, language, socio-emotional, motor and sensory skills. The method also touches on early math. Click here to read more about the Uk  & Puk method (in Dutch).

If you have questions about daycare, please read our FAQ’s here (Dutch).

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