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    Our day nurseries use the UK & Puk teaching method.

Our daycares are a wonderful place for children from 6 weeks to 4 years old. Children receive professional care and loving attention. They learn to play together, take care of each other and get all the space they need for exploring. The children are lovingly cared for in a small group with a clear daily routine.


Children are taken care of in either vertical groups (0 – 4 years together) or horizontal groups (babies only, toddlers only: 1-2 year-olds, or preschoolers only: 2-4 year-olds).


The daycare centers are child-friendly and well-organized. Children are developmentally stimulated by the layout of the space and the age-appropriate toys and materials. Each location has its own outdoor space. Weather allowing, the children play outside every day.

Early childhood education

The first years of life are important for a child’s development. Our educational policy and plan describe how Kind & Co cooperates with parents to offer child-friendly conditions and the best guidance. More information is available at the Quality & Education section of our website. Our daycares work with the early educational method Uk & Puk. The activities stimulate skills in the areas of speech and language, social-emotional, motor and sensory, and the beginnings of early math.


In addition to the contact with your child’s teachers, we keep in touch with you via newsletters, parents’ nights, parent-teacher conferences and your location’s parents’ committee. We discuss your child’s well-being and development with you in person, and keep you informed on activities, news, themes and each other’s expectations.

Our daily schedule

At daycare we work with a predictable daily schedule, so children know what to expect. There are fixed moments for eating, sleeping and theme-based activities based on the Uk & Puk teaching method. Reading aloud, singing, chatting with the children and activities are in tune with these themes. Babies follow their own home schedule as much as possible. Every child gets as much space as they need to develop in his or her own way and pace.