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Out-of-school care

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  1. Various activities

    Our out-of-school care locations organize regular activities, from sport and games to culture and nature.

  2. Professional and save environment

    All our locations are professional and save environments for your child.

Out-of-school care is for children aged from 4 to 12 years old, in groups that match the age of your child. It contains care pre or after school and during study days and school holidays. The opening hours of the out-of-school care fit in well with the school times of your child.

Pre-school care

At various schools we provide pre-school care. When you go to work early, you can opt for this form of care. We ensure that your child is at school on time in a relaxed manner.

After school care

After an intensive day at school, most children just want to relax. At the out-of-school care children can relax or participate in challenging activities.

Care during holidays and study days

A day at the out-of-school care means relaxing and playing. The children receive food and drink at regular times and tell their story, which always gives a lot of cosiness. We work with themes, for example the circus, art, recycling and sustainability, a charity or the Olympic games. The children are involved in the design of the themes. And if they prefer to play alone or want to do something else, then that’s possible aswell.

Nova group

When your child needs extra care because of for example autism or auditory limitations, they can join the Nova group at certain locations. The Out-of-School care Nova group has a maximum of 6 children aged 4 to 13. For a location near you or for more information, please visit: www.kmnkindenco.nl/BSONova


In addition to the contact with the pedagogical staff at the location, we are in contact with you via newsletters, parenting nights, parenting talks and the parent committee of the location. We speak to you personally about the well-being and development of your child, and keep you informed about activities, news, substantive themes and agree on expectations.