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  1. Good preparation for primary school

    At the toddler group the children learn to play together. They learn how to behave in a group situation. This way the children are prepared for primary school.

  2. Professional and save environment

    All our locations are professional and save environments for your child.

  3. Uk & Puk teaching method

    Our preschool groups use the UK & Puk teaching method.

Our preschool groups are lovely places for children from 2 to 4 years old. Children get a good preparation to start primary school.


In preschool the physical, emotional and social skills of your toddler are stimulated in a natural, playful way. Children learn to interact with each other, play well with each other, but also learn the first principles of language and arithmetic. We work with the total program Uk & Puk. The pedagogical staff give every child as much space as possible to develop in their own way.

All children from 2 to 4 years are welcome to our preschool group. This type of childcare provides a good preparation for primary education and gives toddlers confidence and guidance in their exciting next step: the primary school.


In addition to the contact with the pedagogical staff at the location, we are in contact with you via newsletters, parenting nights, parenting talks and the parent committee of the location. We speak to you personally about the well-being and development of your child, and keep you informed about activities, news, substantive themes and agree on expectations.

Our daily rhythm

Toddlers need a structure that makes them feel safe. The morning also runs through a fixed structure. Upon arrival, dad or mommy can still make a puzzle, color or read a book together with his or her child. There is always time for free playing, tidying up together, eating and drinking, reading out loud in a big or small circle, singing songs and playing movement games. Everything is dedicated to playing and learning together. When the weather is nice, we enjoy playing outside. At the groups who are open until 13.30, lunch is served and the day ends with a quiet activity. The preschools are closed during school- and public holidays.