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16 maart 2020

Government instructs closing of childcare locations.

Here is the most recent cabinet development and the impact it has on childcare.

  • Starting March 15, the cabinet has decided to close all educational and childcare facilities, except for children whose parents work in vital professional groups.
  • The central government has created a list of vital professions, you can find a list of these professions at the end of this letter.

The right to childcare in the period of March 16 through April 6, 2020, is only for the following cases:

  • Parents work in vital professions
  • You are a single parent and work in a vital profession

We ask for written permission from your employer. Please bring this written proof to your child’s group by March 18, 2020 at the latest. For childcare centers, after school centers and preschools: you can make use of our childcare according to your contract. Extra childcare may be possible, please discuss this with your location.

The school system will work at coordinating childcare for children whose parents work in a vital profession. You will be informed of any developments.
The guidelines we have already communicated from the RIVM are still in full force. This means that you may not bring your child if (s)he has any of the following complaints: coughing, runny nose, a slight temperature or fever.

If you don’t work in a vital profession, you may not make use of childcare until April 6. Exchange days will not be permitted. We understand that the societal impact is enormous. But it is mandated that Kind & Co follow the cabinet’s guidelines.

In our message last Thursday, we informed you that you have the right to a refund if we are forced to close. We must inform you now that it is possible that the cabinet might decide otherwise considering the childcare benefits that have already been applied for via the tax authorities.

We will update you as soon as possible about the financial developments.

If you have questions about this information, please email us at:

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